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The Isle of Harris forms the southern part of Lewis and Harris, the largest island in the Outer Hebrides, situated 25 miles North West of the Isle of Skye and 40 miles west of mainland Scotland. Harris divides naturally into northern and southern parts which are separated by West and East Loch Tarbert. These halves are joined by a narrow isthmus at the main settlement of Tarbert. Most of the land is in community ownership, with North and West Harris community estates responsible for 33,125 hectares of some of the most rugged and scenic landscapes in Europe. According to the National Records of Scotland Mid-Year Estimates 2021 the population of Harris is 1795.



The Harris Forum is a constituted group that aims to carry out the following: 
- Discuss and promote social and economic matters which affect the whole of Harris.
- Come to an agreed "whole of Harris" decision on specific topics and issues. 
- Support individual projects particularly those needing support for funding applications. 
- Promote communication and cohesion between the various groups operating in the Harris community. 
- Develop the Harris Plan. 
- Improve communication with the Harris Community advising them of the work of the Harris Forum, its Development Officer and its Member Organisations. 



The Forum held its inaugural meeting on the 3rd of October 2017. The formation of the Forum came about following a meeting in 2015 of a group of representatives from community development organisations, land trusts, community councils and other community representatives across Harris who met to discuss the creation of a new development plan for Harris. The group was approached by the Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership to take part in a pilot scheme to show how working in partnership could add value to development. This led to the formation of the Harris Forum.

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